Solo flute research


The objective of this project is to raise, classify and analyze the musical characteristics of a group of works for solo flute composed between 1710 and 1810 stored in the database of IMSLP, creating tools based on compositional analyzes of these data, using such tools to compose musical works and present them publicly. This project is divided into four specific subprojects:

  • Survey, classification and analysis of Scholar Repertoire for Flute Solo: 1710-1810
  • The study of the musical contours from works for solo flute with the aid of computational tools
  • Creation of compositional interactive tools from a collaborative process
  • Statistical analysis of the characteristics of musical works for solo flute of the period between 1710 and 1810


  • GitHub repo (local storage of the source code for all programs developed)
  • Tasks on GitHub (documentation of project tasks)
  • Procedures manual (documentation on the procedures of the tasks to be performed)
  • Scores on IMSLP (public repository of scores for work)
  • Project and work plans (available in the Copy’s project directory)
  • Bibliography on Mendeley (system management and sharing of the bibliography)
  • Copy’s folder (document sharing system where all of the files used in the project are at)
  • Bookmarks in Diigo (management system to bookmark favourite links on the Internet)
  • Research notes (general notes about the research such as ideas of projects)
  • Doodle Tool (common setting schedules for appointments)
  • Videos (Channel on YouTube)